Property Search Tips

On the "Property Search" screen subscribers can:

  1. Search for property owners by name - can use just last name. For example, put in "jones" - search will return an alphabetical list of all property owners with the last name of "jones".
  2. Search for property by location address - not necessary to put in full address. For example to find "2442 Churchill Ct" - you could input just 2442 and leave the street name totally blank. Search will return a complete list of all properties that have 2442 in the numeric part of their address. Or you could input "2442 c" - search will return a list of all properties with numeric address of 2442 and street name beginning with "c". Note - searches are NOT case sensitive - you can use all lower or upper case letters or a combination of them.
  3. Search for property by map number.
  4. Search for a list of sales in a specific area, street, map, restricted by time frame. For example - to find all sales on North Main St within the last two years you would input "n main" in street name and put "from Feb. 2002 to Feb. 2003" in the sale date area. A list of properties that have sold in the last two years on N Main St would be returned alphabetical by owners name.
  5. Search for a list of sales within a specified time frame and within a specified sale price range. For example - input sales "from $140,000 to $160,000" and input "from Feb. 2002 and Feb. 2003" and all sales with a sales price in that price range for the last year would be shown alphabetical by owners name.
  6. There are several other combinations you could use - searching for just farms, commercial property, etc.