Motor Vehicle Valuation

All motor vehicles are subject to taxation as defined by the Kentucky Constitution, Section 172. The following identifies key facts concerning Motor Vehicle Valuation:

  • January 1 is the assessment date for motor vehicles. The tax is determined by the value of the motor vehicle on January 1 regardless of what month the tax is due.
  • Valuation of the motor vehicle is based on the market, by reference to a table of values derived from the NADA ("blue book") which computes the local market adjustment factors. The trade-in value is the amount utilized for valuation.
  • Taxes are paid annually, are not pro-rated and are generally due in the birth month of the vehicle's owner.
  • The PVA office can adjust the assessed value for high mileage as determined by NADA.
  • Adjustments may also be made if a current (within 30 days) written estimate of needed repairs is provided.
  • No adjustments can be made if taxes are not paid by the due date.
  • Penalties are automatically applied to late payments.
  • If you sell or trade-in a vehicle, you maintain the tax liability if you owned the vehicle on January 1st. Do not disregard the notice, penalties can be more costly than the actual tax.
  • All licensed and registered vehicles are subject to this tax, including automobiles, boats, campers, and trucks.

The current state rate for motor vehicles is 45 cents per $100 of assessed value. Each local taxing district determines their motor vehicle rate.